Paint Thickness Gauges NexPTG

Paint Thickness Gauges NexPTG

NexPTG paint thickness gauges are professional devices that determine the actual thickness of a car's paint coating. In our e-store you will find meters from a well-known manufacturer, NexPTG. NexPTG meters are the most innovative wireless paint thickness gauges on the market testing paint coating on steel and aluminum elements. The meter performs 10 measurements per second and shows a very precise reading. Thanks to NexPTG meters you can check almost any car. NexPTG meters are easy to use, just put a probe or tip measuring the thickness of the coating on the body, then read the indications on the display and compare it with the relevant standards for the car. Our e-store's offer includes basic models of paint thickness gauges, intermediate models and professionals models for people running car workshops, detailing and care car studios / shops and other.

Paint Thickness Gauges NexPTG

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  • Additional calibration set [Fe]

    Price 2.00 €

    Calibration set dedicated for NexPTG lacquer coating thickness gauges for models:

    • NexPTG Economic Plus
    • NexPTG Economic

    The calibration set includes:

    • steel calibration plate [FE] - blue color.

    IMPORTANT!!! During the ordering process, please provide the ID number of the meter.